Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tub-Fun Tuesday---Melting Dinosaur Ice Cubes!!!


For the next few weeks I am going to dole out some fun ideas for bath time in my Tub-Fun Tuesdays series.  The first idea I thought I would share is Dinosaur Ice Cubes.  Here is how it works...you take a small, sturdy, plastic dinosaur (or any character) figurine and place it in a freezer safe container.  Fill the container with water and freeze!  At bath time, take your frozen character cube out and plop it in the tub with your kiddo.  They will have fun playing with the ice cube and will enjoy watching it thaw out so they can get to their figurine.  If two kids take baths at the same time they can have ice cube melting contests.  Remember the smaller the ice cube the faster it will melt so feel free to freeze your characters in some large containers to stretch the fun out.   Enjoy the smiles on your kids' faces when you break out this bath time activity!

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