Monday, July 9, 2012


My daughter is a big fan of throwing parties.  Kimber often hosts Tea parties for her brother and various stuffed animals. She has thrown a Horse Party which included some fun games and pony rides on her large horse stuffed animals and recently she threw a Tadpole Day Party for tadpoles we were caring for until they became frogs.  The other evening she came to me and asked if she could throw a surprise breakfast party the next morning for her little brother.  Of course, I said yes and she ran with the idea.  She created a menu of Rj's favorite breakfast foods, Rice Crispies and chocolate chips, (and just to clarify...he doesn't get chocolate chips for breakfast on a regular basis)  :) and his favorite breakfast drink, juice.  She also created a place mat that she drew and colored on a regular piece of copy paper which I laminated.  She was very excited to gift this to Rj in the morning.  The big morning arrived and Kimber hid in the kitchen while I collected her little brother from his crib.  "Surprise" she yelled when we walked out.  She had already prepared his cereal and juice and she handed him his placemat which had a drawing of an excavator on it.  It was incredible to watch how his little face lit up as he took everything in.  It was a beautiful moment for Rj because he felt loved and cared for, a beautiful moment for Kimber because she experienced the special joy that giving to another brings. AND it was a beautiful moment for me because two hopes I have for my kids is that they have a close, loving relationship that they cherish into adulthood and that they truly understand the gift of giving to others.  Kimber just may be surprised one day soon with a surprise that RJ has made her!  How do you help foster a close relationship between your kids and what ways do you encourage giving of themselves to others?

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