Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crepe Paper Fun

It is a misty day here on the Oregon Coast, where I live, so I thought I would post about a fun rainy day activity.  I keep a stock pile of crepe paper and it is amazing how it comes in handy!  One thing we do with it is to tape it across all the doorways in our home and the kids take turns running through the streamers and breaking them.  It is amazing how much fun they have doing this!  We also create obstacle courses with the streamers by taping them across chairs at various lengths so they have to either crawl over or under the paper.  They love this.  They also really enjoy creating the doorways and obstacle courses.  It is fun to see how creative they can be.  Soooo if your kids are going crazy being cooped up inside give them some crepe paper and some tape and watch the fun begin. 

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