Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chore Calendars Can Be Really Helpful

This year I decided to try something new chore wise.  I am not ashamed to admit that when it is nice outside I tend to let things slide a little inside housekeeping wise.....piles of laundry to fold anyone??  The Motivated Mom Chore Calendar has been a life saver for me. Every day it shows a list of chores to accomplish.  There are your usual daily chores as well as special chores that need to be accomplished each day.   I am a list person and I tend to function best when I have my to do list in front of me and I LOVE crossing things off my list once I have completed the task.  Here is the link you can use to purchase and download your very own chore calendar.  There are different versions to choose from and it is 1/2 off now (priced at $4.00) as we are half way thru the year. 

I am not being paid for this endorsement.  I just really like this product!

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